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JUNNY immigrated to Vancouver when he was four, where he developed a passion for music during his childhood. Growing up, he listened to Korean music with his two older brothers as well as foreign hip-hop, rock, R&B, and folk music, forming his appreciation for the art form regardless of genre. He had dreams of becoming a musician and began playing guitar and singing throughout middle school and high school. 

During high school, JUNNY saved enough money to invest in equipment to create music, pursuing his dreams earnestly. He began to gain attention for his music which he uploaded on YouTube and SoundCloud, which fuelled his motivation further. He decided to move to Korea when he was 23 in hopes of becoming an artist. 

JUNNY has since become one of the most in-demand soloists, gaining attention for his composition, song-writing, and performing skills. He has collaborated with the likes of ph-1, JAY B, and more. His Spotify sees more than 1.3 million monthly listeners while the music video for his latest release, “Color Me” featuring CHUNG HA, has surpassed 128, 000 views on YouTube.


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