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JUNNY Album Vol. 1 - blanc

Release Date

08. 12. 2022


Kakao Entertainment





Track List

1. mercury

2. Obvious

3. Not About You *Title

4. Color Me (feat. Chungha)

5. Mugshot (feat. UNE)

6. Get Ya! (feat. pH-1)

7. Just a Number

8. boyhood

9. OH!!

1st Studio Recording Album - blanc -

"The color blanc made by me"

​JUNNY, who has been loved by listeners for trendy music such as "Thank You," "By My Side," "AURA," and "MOVIE," has returned with his full-length album "blanc," which resembles his story. 

This full-length album likens the thoughts of JUNNY in his early and mid 20s to coloring the colors in a white paper called "blanc". 

It tells the story of what people he met, what he went through, what thoughts he lived with, and what colors the canvases were eventually filled with, of which the title song "Not About You" is about looking back on me after love and separation. It means that if you had a lot of thoughts about your partner after the breakup in your early 20s, now that you are in your late 20s, you will think more deeply about yourself, not your opponent. 

In addition, the intro song "mercury," which talks about life, and the immediately following "Obvious," which includes pre-released "Get Ya!" and "Color Me," "Mugshot" with sweet UNE vocals, and "Boyhood," which now resembles how he wants to live as an adult!

Album Vol. 1 - blanc